Transcribing the digital age for you

If you have not yet gone digital, soon you will. It is inevitable, and it is a phenomenally good thing too. Today, even if you are a slow mover, technology, digital technology in particular, will never be running away from you. It will more than likely come to you and upon arrival; you will more than likely welcome it with open arms. Because as it does, it simply adds more convenience to your clustered life. The other nice thing about digital technology today is that the appliances and devices in use are getting smaller by the day.

This is, quite literally, convenience in a pouch. If you have been working in an office for most of your life, surely by now you will have noticed at least some of the changes. Take the old typing pool for instance. Well now, you may just find that it is no longer there. It is no longer needed. Hopefully the old typing girls have been redeployed with new skills or gone on to enjoy a well-deserved retirement. But what about the boss’s typing. Not to worry, that has been taken care of too. His executive secretary already used up to date digital transcription equipment to take down the important notes.

From there she proceeded back to her own office and promptly delegated a new batch of tasks to her own administration team. Each to his and her own. Each office worker has a unique set of tasks to get through. It usually gets done long before five, don’t you worry about that, because with the digital tools to hand, things get done a lot quicker and a lot more accurately than ever before. And then back at home, you have your new digital flat screen to look forward to.