This note is not about vacuuming your room

No, not at all. The processes of advanced vacuum technology are, of course, entirely different. Just ask those who are associated with this industry in some way or another. They may not necessarily be designers or manufacturers. They could just as well be sales representatives or journeymen teachers. But how to preach to the layman? And how to tell the everyman about their practices. This note does not go into any sort of extensive detail on the artistic, technological and commercial processes of advanced vacuum technologies.

What it does do is tell you a little bit more about the space that has been opened up for all stakeholders in this broad-based industry. Also, for the interest of the layman, it is well worth noting the significance of this vast industry. The next time you are, indeed, vacuuming your bedroom, living room or kitchen, just look around you and what do you see. Particularly in your kitchen, you will find that most of your domestic appliances have been coated through some or another process linked to vacuum technologies.

Today, online information on this industry is widely available. It is also a gathering place for all associated industrialists, retailers, designers and scientists. New and up to date information is being published on a regular basis. This has to do with new technological developments as well as new service offerings. Information on the evolutions of these technologies are, by necessity, archived. Those who are still learning can look back, do their research and appreciate what has been originated and achieved over the years.

Those just vacuuming their room can take time out of their domestic environment to better appreciate how their lives have been enhanced or convenienced through vacuum technologies.